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The Mercer Island Farmers Market brings a colourful bustle to the streets of Mercerdale Park every Sunday in summer. It is a meeting point for islanders who meet for group fitness classes, enjoy a meal together in a local restaurant and buy fresh produce, fruit and vegetables and a variety of other goods and services. Numerous sports and social activities for people of all ages such as swimming, cycling, golfing, hiking, kayaking, fishing and much more are offered.

The Mercer Island Arts Council sponsors a variety of arts and crafts events including concerts, art exhibitions and exhibitions. The art is sold in the form of ceramics, paintings, sculptures, prints and other works of art. It is supported by a voluntary Citizens Advisory Board and a commission composed of members of the art scene, business owners, local artists and local businesses.

Mercer Island Florist has been the island's florist for over 50 years and the Metropolitan Market also has a great florist department. Mercer Island would not be complete without several coffee shops and QFC had on Mercer Island. Starbucks offers an excellent selection of coffee and tea, as well as a variety of snacks and drinks.

The company has a strong online sales and has opened a store in Peachtree City, a suburb of Atlanta, with family and friends. The couple spent a year and a half searching for the perfect location for their Puget Sound home, and then a third location opened in Madison Park.

Mercer Island is a popular destination for residents who travel from Seattle and Bellevue just to pick up their weekly groceries. It brings people downtown to shop, eat or just walk, and it's a great place for family and friends.

The city centre shops include a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafés and other retail outlets. In the city centre there are a number of restaurants and bars as well as a grocery store on the corner of Main and Main.

In fact, there are a number of homeowners who live in about 23,000 residents, and the median cost of rent is $2,775 a month. If you are looking for a rental home on Mercer Island, be sure to read our Mercer Island Rental Guide. The Yogabliss (MI) Athletic Club and OrangeTheory are popular favourites, but be sure to check out all the options in our Mercer Island Fitness Guide! Mercer Islands has a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and other retail outlets in the city centre, so check them out.

Beautiful Washington Lake is everywhere, making Mercer Island the only city in King County to be surrounded by a lake. Tens of thousands of commuters from the east and west sides of the lake come and go on Interstate 90, and the tranquil, wooded feel of this island is enhanced by its proximity to Puget Sound and natural beauty.

Many commuters are unaware that in front of the island, near the motorway exit, is a small, developing town centre, which houses a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and other shops. While most business activities are in the city centre, there is also a shopping centre serving the south end and a large shopping centre at the north end of Mercer Island. The advantages and conveniences of independent living include a wide range of apartments, condominiums, townhouses, detached houses and townhouses. Apartments and apartments include one - bedroom, two - bed, three - room, four - bed, 5-bed, 6- bed and

Some of our favorite restaurants on the island include local, local, organic, local and organic friendly restaurants as well as a variety of specialty shops and bars.

Kroger, which owns QFC and Fred Meyer, has so far announced specialty hours, but Nice said pharmacies like Rite Aid and Walgreens have not yet introduced them but would soon implement them. The advantage is not only that stores regularly stock up all day long, but also that they provide a cleaner experience for those most at risk. The stores were checking identification and the traders were asking customers to only use specialty items if they use them because of "endangerment," he said. It would be nice if you would give some thought to the idea of buying soon, and if so, what you would like to see.

Looking ahead, the road will probably be even more convenient for Mercer Island residents than it is now. The commute will be even easier as Sound Transit is building a station that will match the trains that run between Seattle and Seattle - Tacoma on the floating King County Transit System rail line.

Mercer Island Station is scheduled to open in 2023 near the existing Park and Ride station. The station will be built on the site of the current parking lot at the intersection of Mercer Street and Mercer Avenue NE, south of its current location on Mercer Drive.

More About Mercer Island

More About Mercer Island